The kettlebell training uses ballistic exercises that combines cardiovascular, strength and mobility training. The kettlebell is one of the most important devices in functional fitness facilities and even home training must have it. They are robust and used regularly. We offer you with our steel kettlebells competition a premium product that is perfect for those looking for the highest quality kettlebells on the market. They can even be used in international kettlebell competitions. Our competition kettlebells differ from classic cast iron kettlebells in the way that they are made of high quality steel, are more durable and have all the same size and dimension, regardless of weight.

  • KTC-004 > 4 KG
  • KTC-006 > 6 KG
  • KTC-008 > 8 KG
  • KTC-010 > 10 KG
  • KTC-012 > 12 KG
  • KTC-016 > 16 KG
  • KTC-020 > 20 KG
  • KTC-024 > 24 KG
  • KTC-028 > 28 KG
  • KTC-032 > 32 KG